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Click the ADULT TOURNAMENTS link above for additional resources - New Player Information, FAQs, Tournament Schedule & Registration, Regulations, etc. 

Adult Tournament Ranking System and Points Table - updated April 2014
Beginning in 2014, USTA New England is ranking adult tournament players using a “Points Per Round” system. The PPR system replaces USTA’s STAR ranking system, which is based on computerized calculations of wins and losses against players of varying strength in a ranking division.

2014 Adult Sectional and Designated Tournaments - updated 3/28/2014

2013 Adult, NTRP, and Family Final Ranking Lists
published on January 24, 2014 including Ranking Review Board decisions

 Each year the #1 ranked players and teams are invited to attend a tournament medallion presentation ceremony on the Stadium Court at the Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis ATP Championships at the International Hall of Fame in Newport, RI in early July. 


                                   The Senior Slams Grass Tournament was played at the Hall of Fame in 2013.

Adult, NTRP, and Family Standings
These lists using the STAR ranking system were published January 9 2014 and include 2013 tournaments (same as the Dec. 31 standings lists). They will be used as a basis for seeding tournaments until standings using the new Points Per Round (PPR) system are published - anticipated April 2014.
     To locate a specific division select the "Find a Ranking" link at the top of the ranking list, then edit the search criteria.

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USTA New England provides Standings, and Final Rankings, and Tentative Rankings for the previous year
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Tournament Ranking Requirements Table - no longer published
See the Adult Tournament Ranking System and Points Table information above

2013 Champions and Finalists at USTA New England Sectional Events

2013 USTA New England Adult Tournament Rankings - Yearbook Listing

Looking for Information about your NTRP Rating (3.0, 3.5, ...)?
USTA New England League Tennis

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