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Underdogs Come Out on Top in 2013 Jr. Clay Court Championships

Many Underdogs Come Out on Top in 2013 Jr. Clay Court Championships

By Alexandra Troli
Beverly, MA- Players gathered at the Beverly Golf and Tennis Club to compete at the Herb Schachter Memorial Junior Clay Court Championships, July 13th through July 16th.  The player’s biggest opponent was no doubt the sun, as it was blistering hot outside for the duration of the tournament.

Despite the extreme temperatures, players still competed well at this anticipated tournament. Players compete in tournaments all year round to qualify for this championship, and it showed, as the atmosphere on all eighteen courts was highly competitive.

This level 5 tournament is the second Junior Championship to be played this summer and player Revanth Boppana, from Boxborough, MA stated, "It is a good opportunity to show what you’re made off." This is undoubtedly true as there were many unexpected results throughout the tournament.

Boppana showed what he was made off when he entered the Boys’ 16 singles division as the number five seed and made it to the finals. In the end, Boppana was defeated by the number seven seed Patrick Wyeth from Harwich, MA (6-3, 6-1). 

Bradley Orban, from Milford, CT entered the Boys 18’s single division as an unseeded player. He made his way to the semi-finals where he defeated the number one seeded player Scott Rubinstein from Madison, CT. In the final round, Orban went on to defeat the number two seed, Gilbert Roddy from Concord, MA.  In doubles, Orban, Rubinstein, and Roddy met again. This time Roddy and teammate Rubinstein defeated Orban and his partner Ted Berkowitz from Fairfield, CT (8-4). 

Another surprise finish was in the Girls 18’s singles division. Unseeded player, Caitlin Bernard, from Belchertown, MA, defeated the number two seed, Ashanti Campfield (Stratford, CT) in the semi-finals. Bernard then faced the number four seeded player Nicole McCann from Amherst, MA who was excited to play in the finals; she said, "The finals match is going to be a good one." The match was a good one and in the end Bernard came out on top (6-4, 6-2).

McCann’s younger sister, Allison, the number one seeded competitor played in the Girls’ 16 singles finals versus the number two seed Kateri Martin (Darien, CT). Martin came out on top (6-3, 2-6, 7-5).

In the Boys’ 14 doubles division, the unseeded duo of Magnus Johnson (North Hampton, NH) and Christopher Kralik (Andover, MA) defeated the number two seeded Fu brothers, Ryan and Connor, from Andover, MA in the final (8-4).

Kralik was having a great tournament as he also made it to the finals in the Boys’ 14 singles division. The six seeded Kralik defeated the number four seeded player Nikhil Das from Smithfield, RI (6-3, 6-1) to win the division.

USTA New England Player Development Manager, David Zeutas-Broer says, "Congratulations to the unseeded and low seeded players who persevered and prevailed in winning their respective divisions in the extremely long, hot and humid days of this championship event."

The rest of the division finals went as follows, in the Boys’ 16 doubles division, number one seeded players Patrick Wyeth and his partner Jacob Appleton (Framingham, CT) defeated the number two seeded players Ethan Chen (Weston, MA) and Matthew Jacobs from Swampscott, MA (8-5).

In the Girls’ 14 doubles division the number two seeded players Alexis Almy (Southborough, MA) and Julia Pezzuco (Johnston, RI) defeated the number three seeded players Courtney Day (Wellesley, MA) and Jacqueline Nannery from Canton, MA (8-1).  

In the Girls’ 14 singles forth seeded Almy also defeated the fifth seeded Nannery in the finals (6-2, 1-6, 6-3).

The Boys’ 12 singles number one seed player Griffin Posey (Lexington, MA) defeated the number two seeded competitor, Christopher Li from Westford MA (7-5, 6-3).

In Boys’ 12 doubles, the first seeded duo, Li and Arda Cataltepe (Weston, MA) defeated the second seeded pair, Tyler Pomerance (Stamford, CT) and Luke Rienmann from Cheshire, CT (8-3).

In Girls’ 12 singles, the fourth seed player Eliza Fox (Wellesley, MA) defeated the third seeded player Ava Ignatowich from Darien, CT (6-0, 4-6, 6-2).

In the Girls’ 12 doubles forth seeded duo Fox and Alyssa DiMaio (Westport, CT) defeated the third seeded pair Lauren Fanning and Elizabeth Girian (8-6).

There was a strong atmosphere of camaraderie, sportsmanship and character that was well noticed by all. It was a very successful tournament; in fact Tournament Director, Denise Griffin says, "This is my favorite tournament because of the location, all the big trees, and the people who run the club are great".

For a complete list of results, click here.






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